1. Admission
a. The number of seats in each branch of diploma programme for which admission is to be made will be decided by AICTE.
b. Admission to all courses will be made in odd semester of each session. At the first year level, a polytechnic entrance examination is conducted by JCECE Board, Ranchi for selection of students. Details of rules of polytechnic entrance examination of JCECEB are available in information brochure published by JCECEB every year.
2. Registration
a. After the Admission, registration of each student is compulsory.
b. Each student has to submit the attested copy of allotment letter in the registration cell, issued to him/her by JCECEB for registration.
c. Each students has to submit the photo copy of passing certificate of 10th exam.
d. Student should have to affix those photo graph submitted by him/her the time of counseling in the office of JCECEB, Ranchi on the registration form.
e. Any change in the name or fathers name is not allowed to students after registration.
f. Registration certificate issued by SBTE, Ranchi is an important document. Therefore all students have to keep it and preserve it in original format. For details visit the Web site of SBTE, Jharkhand.
3. Attendance
a. Students are required to attend all the classes (Lecturers, Tutorial, laboratories Practical, Workshops, field work, vocational training) for which they have been registered.
b. Students are also required to participate the community development program and other social activities, designed by the institute.
c. Each students has to submit the photo copy of passing certificate of 10th exam.
d. A student will be debarred from appearing in an examination if his/her attendance falls below 75 percent.
e. If the period of leave is for a short duration (less than two weeks), prior application for leave shall have to be submitted to the head of the department concerned.
4. Scholarship
a. Dept. of Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand offers post matric scholarship to students studying in diploma program details are available on
5. Conduct and Discipline
a. Student shall conduct themselves within and outside the premises of the institute in a manner befitting the students of an institute of national importance.
b. Ragging in any form is banned: acts or ragging will be considered as gross indiscipline and will be severely dealt with.
The following acts of omission and/or commission shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and are liable to invoke disciplinary measures:
i. Ragging
ii. Lack of courtesy and decorum; indecent behavior anywhere within or outside the campus.
iii. Willful damage or stealthy removal of any property/belongings of the institute/Hostel or of fellow students.
iv. Possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic drinks or any kind of hallucinogenic drugs.
v. Mutilation or unauthorized possession of library books.
vi Noisy and unseemly behavior, disturbing studies of fellow students.
vii Hacking in computer system (such as entering other persons area without prior permission, manipulation and/or damage of computer hardware and software etc.)
viii Any other act of gross indiscipline commensurate with the gravity of the offence, the punishment may be reprimand, fine, expulsion from the hostel, debarment from and examination, rustication for a specified period or even outright expulsion from the institute.
d. For an offence committed in (a) a hostel, (b) a department or in a classroom and (c) elsewhere, the warden, the head of the department and principal respectively, shall have the authority to reprimand or impose fine. All cases involving punishment other than reprimand shall be reported to the chairman, students disciplinary committee.
e. All major acts of indiscipline, which may have serious implication on the general body of students, and/or which may warrant a uniform and more formalized nature of investigation, shall be handled by the students Disciplinary committee, appointed by the principal.
f. In the event of a major punishment, the aggrieved party shall have the right to appeal director, Science and Technology, Govt. of Jharkhand.
6. Change of Branch
a. Normally a student admitted to a particular branch of the diploma programme will continue studying in that branch till completion.
b. However, in special cases the institute may permit a student admitted through JCECEB change from one branch of studies to another after the first two semesters. Such changes will be permitted, in accordance with the provision laid down.